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Free Online Prank Calls with TeleTurd. We'll give you 2 free calls to test out our very popular caller id faking service.

You can change your number and name on Caller ID and show up as anyone you want. It really works.

In addition to caller id spoofing, you can even change your voice to one of several options. We're adding new voice changer options every day to our caller id spoofing service. Try it out!

  • Spoof Your Caller ID Name and Number
  • 100% Untraceable
  • Free In-call Voice Changer
  • Free Call Record Feature
  • Cheapest Rates Available

Fake Your Caller ID, Fake Your Voice and Record the Call with TeleTurd. TeleTurd is rated higher then the other spoofing companies and offers more features and the lowest rates possible. We know you'll enjoy it.

Calls in Progress: