Wholesale Caller ID Faker Program.
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TeleTurd™ is the fastest growing Caller ID Faker (caller id spoofing service) around.

Fake Your Caller ID, Change Your Voice, Record Calls and more.

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Launch your own brand like TeleTurd. Our resellers have profit margins of 100-150%, it takes little time and can be sold online easily. It's a fun way to work for yourself.

Buy a lot of 3000 minutes for $150 (minimum)
Use our interface to generate PIN #'s and apply minutes.
Optionally, have physical calling cards printed!
Sell them in gas stations, stores, or anywhere.
Sell them on eBay, Craigslist, etc.
Enjoy your new business and buy that new Mercedes!

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TeleTurd is the only wholesale Caller ID Spoofing provider that is packed with features and has the lowest pricing available. Because we operate our own data center and voice switches, our resellers end up with the lowest rates and highest profit margins around.

Fake your caller id with TeleTurd, the most popular Caller ID Faker available. With TeleTurd, you can fake your caller ID, change your voice and record the call. We even offer a free trial!

  • Caller ID Faker (Fake Your Caller ID Number)
  • 100% Anonymous Caller ID Faking
  • Includes Voice Changer
  • Includes Free Call Recorder
  • Cheapest Caller ID Faker Available
  • Free Trial

Try TeleTurd today. Your friend's will be amazed when you fake your caller id and call from someone else's number. You won't believe it until you try it.

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