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  TeleTurd Questions & Answers

TeleTurd is the best and most anonymous service to fake your Caller ID. Make prank calls or use it for business.

TeleTurd can be used anywhere and all accounts include both the web based dialer and calling card at no additional cost.

TeleTurd also features a free voice changer with several voices and a call recording feature.

How does TeleTurd work?
You call in toll free, or use our Web Dialer, then we connect you to the person you're calling and display the spoofed number on their Caller ID. [See TeleTurd in Action!]

Is there discount pricing for high usage customers?
Yes. Discounted pricing is automatically applied if you use 700 minutes total in the last 3 months. [See Automatic Discounts & High Usage Rates]

Does Caller ID Name also work?
Yes. Caller ID Name will also show up if the spoofed number is a valid and working land line.

Is TeleTurd legal?
TeleTurd is 100% legal. However certain uses may not be. Use responsibly. You can legally fake your Caller ID to prank call friends.

Can I place calls without going to
Yes. TeleTurd includes free calling card access. Just call toll free and enter your PIN.

Does TeleTurd work with every phone?
Yes. TeleTurd lets you fake caller id on any phone in the USA and Canada. This includes regular phones, VoIP and mobile phones.

Can they get my real phone number?
No. The Spoofed (Faked) phone number is what appears on the Caller ID and Phone Bill of the person you're calling. Your number is never revealed in any way. It's 100% anonymous.

Looking for a service that lets you fake your caller id? You found it. TeleTurd is the leader in caller id spoofing and telephone voice changing.

TeleTurd is cheaper then other caller id faker services and offers much better voice changer options.

Not only can you change your caller id and voice but you can even record the call and play it back to your friends later.

TeleTurd is the cheapest caller id faker out there.

  • Fake Your Caller ID Number
  • 100% Anonymous and Untraceable
  • Free Voice Changer
  • Free Call Recorder
  • Free Trial

In fact, we now offer the ability to change your voice while on a call. That's right, you can change your voice to another voice while on the phone using our online caller id spoofing caller. Try it today for free.

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